It’s the time to ensure tamper-proof data in the meat supply chain right away with the embracement of blockchain beef traceability solutions from a leading food technology services provider Tracefood!

Meat supply chains (food supply chains in general) have a greater influence mainly on the price values of meat products and the health of humans. Their challenges or inefficiencies due to the lack of regulations and unfair competitions led to an enhanced risk of meat product safety thus affecting our quality of lives to a greater extent. This is where our blockchain beef traceability solutions come in to trace the product package right from the farm to the table (fork). This could help reduce the meat supply chain complexities to a greater extent thus giving way for getting an improved level of efficiency ever.

In today’s modern cum advanced world, the supply of any food product undergoes a network of operations before reaching the end-users (consumers). There is a chain of processes that are taken part in any food product supply right from the production and maintenance to the supply side. This is what we call a food supply chain, and which seems to be a tedious process to get over. It is very much complex as it involves a huge number of participants and a large quantity of data to be handled. Hence it needs utmost care in its successful completion. 

What actually is the problem with those supply chains that makes the system tougher day by day? 

The food supply chains nowadays are found to lag in one of the most important aspects called traceability. Achieving traceability in meat supply chains is somewhat a harder task to do. Yet it could be made happen with the implementation of blockchain technology in meat traceability which can help the supply chain stakeholders in bringing the desired level of traceability that the system needs. 

Traceability denotes the aspect of tracing the food products for their origin and their flow within a complex supply chain system. Failing to ensure traceability will certainly have some implications in the food value chains thus resulting in a lack of safety with the food products moving in the chain. This, in turn, might end up losing trust among the community of consumers thus paving way for the chains to operate with lower efficiency and reduced profit.

When and where will the traceability demand rise?

Whenever a food item goes under the threat of danger, there arises a need for getting the product sourcing information. Because this only can help us minimize the damage that the appropriate product is about to cause. By doing so, we can prevent the losses that have been coming up. This is where the traceability gets its significance.

Now imagine how important bringing traceability in a supply chain is! Well, how to do so? 

Blockchain is the one and only technology that will suit the best in overcoming the meat supply chain traceability challenge the most, as it involves keeping data records in a safe and secure manner. 

Blockchain at its simplest level is a set of computerized blocks running across a network of computer nodes to make the P2P (peer-to-peer) record-keeping system operations open and transparent to everyone. 

One major advantage that this technology brings is that no one in the system will have direct control over it. Thus there seems only a reduced level of risk with the blockchain-powered supply chain systems.

Even if there is a safety threat arises in the value chain system due to some unimaginable causes like fire burns, there will be no damage to your system data since blockchain’s ledger still holds several copies of data for you. Not only for the storage of sensitive data, blockchain accounts as well for potential data and process verification at each and every single step of the meat supply chain cycle. 

Decentralization is the primary use case of blockchain and it is achieved in the meat supply chain right to eliminate the third-party interferences. 

How blockchain keeps the fraudulence vulnerabilities away?

The quality consequences arise in the food items or food ingredients or packaged foods mainly because of the adulteration, substitution, or dilution of food being sold in the market. This may happen as well due to some other reasons like mislabeling or false procurement of food items, thus allowing food fraudulence to take place. All these are primarily economically motivated aspects that end up in reducing the quality of food and the consumers’ trust. The persons lying behind such vulnerabilities often use some sources of contaminants like adulterants to spoil food safety. But we never ever can encourage such kind of illegal activities; else we need to compromise with food safety for sure.

So, what will be the effective solution for this? Yes! once again blockchain does it all… Blockchain works right away in this case by incorporating certain innovative fraudulence detection techniques to let go of all kinds of fraudulence discriminations that are about to happen in the meat supply chain system. Some other methodical ways that blockchain uses for fraudulence prevention include root cause analysis, risk assessment and mitigation, and tightening up the regulatory standards, and so on.

Tracefood – the right partner to meet all your food traceability requirements:

Operating in the industry over the years with a greater level of experience and expertise in bringing up traceability with the meat supply chain, Tracefood works at its best by offering the traceability services with the following benefits to its clientele:

  • Modeling food fraud risks
  • Evaluation of risks to come up with dominating results
  • Researching the motives behind food contamination
  • Finding better perspectives for tracing out the risk points
  • Exploring more about the risk resistive tools
  • Implementing the methods of improving consumer trust.

Then why could you wait for the best opportunity to come up on your way? You can approach us now itself to get started with the implementation of blockchain technology in the meat supply chain so as to meet all your business traceability demands.

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