Blockchain Technology Supply Chain – A Key To The Modern Supply Chain Era!

Blockchain Technology Supply chain has evolved as one of the most demanding sectors of all time in the recent days. There is no more surprise in this fact, as it turns out to be a global sector with inevitable benefits in product manufacturing and supply. Yes! A supply chain is actually nothing but a value chain that constitutes each and every step involved a product supply right from production and manufacturing to end usage.
Nowadays, the customers (end users) who wanna purchase a product wish to know the complete sourcing details of the product right from its origin to the table before buying it. Here is where the original demand for blcokchain comes in to meet the technology demands of the supply chain systems right now.
The technology helps in tracing out such exact product sourcing and supply details, thus making the supply chains achieve customer satisfaction altogether with 100% efficient and profit outcome.
Blockchain stands as the most promising technology of the future of supply chain industry. The reason is that it brings out potential solutions for those areas of the supply chains where there is a rise in need for improvements. Thus blockchain comes to bridge the gap that exists in the supply chain technology front thus becoming an ever-lasting technology of the future supply chains.
Blockchain revolutionizes the way that today’s supply chains work by adding some necessary aspects like information sourcing and distribution, data privacy, and trust. With these additional features brought by blockchain, the traditional supply chains undergo a major disruption these days, which is about to bring a long-lasting change in the entire world of supply chains with no doubt.
What actually is the complexity with traditional supply chains and how blockchain comes to address it?
Traditional supply chain business models have transformed a lot today with an increased level of expectations and demands raised from the customers’ side. The technology that worked out for the supply chains earlier are now not able to cope with the rising needs of the customers thus resulting in loss of scope for the entire industry. This is what the problem today with the supply chains.
As this issue seems to persist over a long time, supply chain systems were in the need to fill this gap between the business and customers to ensure sustainability in the market. Also as the demand keeps on rising day by day, there was no way for the supply chain entrepreneurs to make the customers stay with
As a result, they have started searching out for the best matching technology that will work well in regaining the consumer trust in the industry once again.
Once there came a clear understanding about the scope of blockchain and its potential aspects (traceability and transparency) in resuming the consumers back to the supply chains, the supply chain stakeholders and enthusiasts have started validating this viable technology to improve the supply chain business models in an extravagant manner. This is how the value of the technology blockchain comes out in improving the supply chain systems. Because of these valuable reasons, we call blockchain a disrupting technology of the supply chain future.
What brings the need for supply chain revamping?
Let me take for instance ‘A’ and ‘B’ – the two different points of a supply chain through which has to travel to reach the point of consumption. The movement or supply of the product between these two points ensures that it has to cross some different stages to pass on to the point of supply. This means that the product needs to travel along the chain to and fro to get ready for the final supply stage. The product on the other hand needs to move across several autonomous parties as well.
Throughout this entire process, there comes a plethora of challenges for the product to get over. Such challenges are listed below:
On the supply chain participants’ perspective:
Both the product suppliers and vendors are forced either on the sides to make the dots in the system stay connected forever as per the requirements at the instant.
It is extremely difficult to pin point the unethical or illegal practices that have been carried out in the system if any.
On the customers’ perspective:
It is incredibly tough for the consumers to check the quality of products that they ought to buy.
Retrieval of information at each and every point of the chain is practically impossible and this seems a big risk for the global supply chain operations to be carried out in a smooth manner.
There is a chance that the customers might end up with wrong judgment about the product worth once after buying it. The lack of transparency accounts for this issue.
Besides these above mentioned issues, there are numerous problems that have been go on threatening the supply chain models as of now. So, what would be the permanent solution for all such in effiencies?
Do you have any idea?
Yes! It is none other than the technology blockchain, which is the right technology to go with. Of course, it seems to be a potential fix for all sorts of challenges in the supply chain operations so as to come up with better results ever.
So, let’s try it with us to make your supply chain business stand strong in the industry with free of hassles. Yeah! I understand that now you might have come across a question that how it is possible and what I need to do further for it….
No worries… we the tracefood team is ready to serve you with the right set of supply chain blockchain solutions that will help you meet all your business demands perfectly in no time. It’s actually the time for you to just embrace it to start sky rocketing your supply chain in the industry with ease.
I am sure that our supply chain blockchain development strategies could help improve your supply chains by positively impacting on almost all facets of the chain.

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