Perpetual facts about blockchain in general: The hype around the technological revolution has attained its peak with the evolution of a consensus technology called blockchain. It is meant primarily for online transactions. But besides, it has a lot of benefits for the industry on the go. Come! Let us explore the ideas behind it…. Being […]

How can blockchain based seafood traceability empower the industry?

Come; Let us explore how the blockchain based seafood traceability helps us improve the global seafood supply chains…… The global seafood consumers nowadays are increasingly wanted to know the mode of origin and the entire journey of seafood right from the ocean to the table before they started to buy and consume it. As the […]

How to implement blockchain in supply chain?

Supply chain comes to denote the process of taking a product or a service from the provider to the customer. The end consumers today are so eager to get to know the whereabouts of the goods they purchase be it food products, outfits or any other accessory for that matter in order to make sure […]