Meat Supply chain blockchain to kick off deceit!

The new hot topic in the technology world is Meat Supply chain blockchain. Though it was previously used for bankrolls the most, now blockchain technology for meat is the new trend. We in the fast moving world are not aware of the sanitary conditions involved in the food processing. Being reckless, even the processing companies sell adulterated and old products.

Regular consumption of these food products may lead to serious health problems in us. This situation can be changed and rectified with the help of inducing blockchain in meat supply chain. Tracefood provides crystal clear tracing facilities at ease to present safe and secured food products. We show you the travel of the food package from the cattle shed to the table with our Meat Supply chain blockchain.

Problems in meat industry

Early this year, World Health Organization (WHO) stated that statistically around the worldalmost 1 in 10 people fall sick eating contaminated food and half a million people die of food borne diseases.

When any meat is packaged by a meat cattle raiser, the presence of inadequate sanitary measures dramatically increases the risk of an illness outbreak. The risk of improper storage facility in retail food facility constitutes a major negligence in the food supply sector. Often the meat product gets coated with artificial preservatives for long lasting shelf life. Long storage also leads to pathogens growing on the meat products. Finally nobody knows how much does the cattle raisers make out from the supply.

With all the hazards surrounding us, how do we know the quality of the meat package we purchase? How do we know where is the food coming from? What is the shelf life?

Here blockchain in meat industry explains all the questions that arise.

Blockchain in meat industry

Meat supply chain blockchain includes mutton, poultry, beef and pork. They may all origin and process from different places but follows similar traceability techniques. Starting from the hatching or the birth, to the slaughter and retail Blockchain in meat industry plays a major role in recording each and every stage involved in the process.

Blockchain exhibits the movements in the transportation process. It also explains the storage facilities under which the packages stocked.

Through the partnership of blockchain in pork industry, pork producers continuously monitor the process. They even evaluate and improve the sustainability practices in the production. This eventually leads the customers to accredit them for their work.

This blockchain in pork industry deliberatelyhelps the consumers to know the actual procedures behind the package and compliment the work behind. This builds a trustworthy relationship with the people. The confidence that is build apparently increases the demand and high supply.

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