Why do you need supply chain blockchain solutions?

Supply chain blockchain denotes the process of taking a product or a service from the manufacturer to the customer. The end consumers today are so eager to get to know the whereabouts of the goods they purchase be it food products, outfits or any other accessory for that matter in order to make sure that they are original and authentic.

Though supply chain sounds simple in definition, it has a more complex base as there is a huge workforce behind its operation. It involves the participation of various players such as farmers, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers before the fully furnished deliverables reach the consumers. Consider the making of shirts for instance. The cotton crop is grown by the farmers and is sent to the textile factory for processing. Once the shirts are manufactured, they are sent to the distributors and suppliers who pass it on to the retailers and the consumers buy goods from the retailers. This wide base and vastness of the supply chain sector poses several threats including lack of transparency, reliability and traceability. 

Supply chain blockchain solutions being the major game changer, its implementation in the supply chain shall solve all the problems and impart enhanced security and complete transparency to the any sector. The best blockchain companies are the one-stop destination for Blockchain in supply chain management.

Any product or service goes through a series of events before it hits the retail market to be purchased by the end customer. Every step of the process is as important as the other. If there is any small disruption, the entire process will be collapsed. In such a case all the manpower and efforts put in will be of no use. An efficient administration with the latest of the technologies like Blockchain in supply chain management is necessary to keep the quality of the products intact until it finally reaches the consumer. Any sector will be able to win the trust of the customers by way of supplying them with world-class quality products and there is no shortcut for the same. With all these said, an efficient management of supply chain is the need of the hour.

Problems in Supply Chain


Supply chain literally runs short of lucidity as it witnesses a series of activities carried out by its numerous stakeholders. With this bulk participation, there are increased chances for fraudulence anywhere in the chain at any given point of time.


The bulk participation of players or the different phases in the supply chain also paves way for the arrival of fake or forged products. No particular party can be held responsible for such fraudulent activities because nobody can pinpoint the scam with a solid proof.


As far as the conventional or the traditional supply chain system is concerned, there is no room for the real-time tracking of goods. Without a proper channel to trace the whereabouts of the goods, the products may get lost or manipulated to the disappointment of the consumers.

Inventory update

The traditional record keeping methods are mostly paper-dependent. As the record maintenance in the supply chain happens on a manual basis, it is also susceptible to intentional or unintentional errors at large.

Supply chain blockchain management

supply chain blockchain


 Providing fullest security to the supply chain data is possible with the complex structure of Blockchain.

This coffee ecosystem involves many players and layers of structures such as processors, distribution networks and trading platforms. In this case the use Blockchain technology in supply chain goes beyond ensuring food safety by increasing the profit as it cuts out middlemen who take more commissions.  

Data Tracking: With the authentic sensors and RFID labels powered by Blockchain tracking the products in the supply chain down their origin is not really a big deal.

When it comes to vast organizations with longer supply chains, it turns out to be relatively difficult to monitor every single testimony. But every transaction along a supply-chain is fully auditable on the blockchain. Blockchain incorporation can aggregate and display information to the customers in real-time in no time through smart phone applications. Furthermore, due to the strong integrity properties of the Blockchain, this information can be genuinely trusted. 

Cost effectiveness: In supply chain, blockchain takes away the interference of middlemen. This shall curtail the extra expenses to a much greater extent.

In the usual and the most common pricing system where the involved players decide the rate, rather than considering the entire value of the chain. Now in Blockchain anyone can see the working in the whole travel providing the picture of the supply and demand. This helps the end entities to know how much does the origin, even the farmer get out of it. This apparently creates interest and trust among the people with the increase in demand.

Supply chain blockchain solutions plays a vital role in lessening the general expense involved in moving goods in a production network. As per the survey of Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI), more than 33% of the work force involved in supply chain claims that there is a considerable decrease in expenditure.

When blockchain is to accelerate the executive procedures in supply chains, the additional expenses happening in the framework are naturally diminished while ensuring the security of exchanges. The disposal of the agents and middlemen in the supply network spares the dangers of cheats and item duplicity. Additionally, productivity will be enhanced and the danger of losing items will be decreased with precise record keeping. 


Blockchain technology in supply chain helps the vendors to gain the trust of the customers as the digital ledger keeps the data consistent and valid. The complex base of the technology extends complete protection with encryption to the supply chain data involved.

The technology enables verified and authenticated transactions to be securely shared with every player in the coffee supply chain. This process provides a marketplace with complete transparency. 

Provenance Tracking 

In a blockchain-based inventory network, record keeping and provenance following turn out to be simple as the data can be received through the installed sensors and RFID labels. The details behind an item right from its start to where it is in the present can be monitored through blockchain. Additionally, this kind of precise provenance following can be utilized to distinguish fakes in any piece of the inventory network. 

Easy recall

The overall traceability with supply chain blockchain solutions helps to prove the quality of the product. Also supports easy recall if there is any accidental complication without the wastage of the good products.


Supply chains with a great deal of manpower are essential for the smooth execution of tasks. Similarly with regards to administrative compliances, you come across the custom authorities. Building trust makes the job easier in both cases. The immutable nature of blockchain in the supply network is very much intended to avert altering and build trust. 

A standout amongst the most engaging advantages of utilizing blockchain for information is that it enables the information to be increasingly consistent. So, it ends up less demanding for organizations to pass on data and information to all the stakeholders involved. Transparency in Blockchain diminishes postponements and debate while keeping merchandise from stalling out in the supply chain. 


Blockchain gives higher measures of security and it can be made in a private too which will enable the information to be witnessed by a selected community. The transparent and immutable nature of blockchain makes it possible to evade the fakes in the supply chain and keep up the trustworthiness of the framework. 

A thoughtful user interface that sheds light on the digital journey of a product can empower better purchases by giving users a logical choice that they can trust the system.

Supply chain blockchain development

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