How is Beverage supply chain blockchain essential?

When the clock strikes in the morning a good cup of coffee or tea is enough to bring the cheer needed to face the whole day. For a coffee addict, the pleasure that the smell of roasted coffee beans cannot be expressed in words. Its’ inevitable attraction has brought it to the position as the most traded commodity in the world after petroleum. This brewed drink has taken a firm stand all over the world. With the increasing demand, consumers are also getting curious and conscious about the drink they consume.

With the help of Blockchain technology, Tracefood works to realise the ease of tracing beverages in a simple scan. We excel in almost all the Beverage supply chain blockchain services to bring out the best deliverables for the sector.

Issues in the beverage supply chain

Shortage of traceability: Customers are more interested in tracking the beverage product through blockchain technology for beverage industry blockchain in beverage industry
all the stages of the supplychain. People are concerned about where product originated and processed. The lack of traceability in the food supply chain introduces errors and delays into sharing information.

Food fraud: There are many of the processes involved in the supply chain, such as producing, processing and transporting to a wide range of locations. The complexity in the supplychain makes it difficult to ensure their products are what they say they are. There are numerous cases of excess addition of chicory to the coffee powder.

Artificial flavouring: The lack of transparency restrains us from knowing the artificial substances and preservatives added to the drink or the product for more taste.

Recall: The recall of the beverage package becomes an ordeal in case of any poisoning outbreak or any damage in the package. Identifying and segregating the affected package creates a burden to the retailer as the good products may get wasted.

High rates: Mostly beverages have more prone to transport as they are majorly cultivated in the hilly regions. So we never know the actual charges levied on the goods in the overall journey and how much does the grower make out of it.

Blockchain in beverage to benefit

Transparency:  Blockchain technology for beverage is developed as a promising technology for enabling complete traceability in the beverage supply chain from the farm to the cup. It stores immutable data about every phase involved in the process providing more credibility to the quality of the product.

Eliminating deceit: Blockchain answers the doubt on the quality of the product by providing the certification given by the laboratory tests and authorised reports which keeps the counterfeit products at bay.

Chemicals: Blockchain in beverage provides the quality certification and the laboratory tests conducted to check the hazardous adulterants such as lead, tin, copper in the coffee powder. The proof creates more confidence in the product.

Seamless withdrawal: Identifying a particular product or a batch becomes easy with a simple scanning a QR code. The details stored in the blockchain in beverage industry helps to segregate the good ones preventing wastage.

Price: The customer gets to know how much the farmer get out of it after the taxation and the exportation charges. Blockchain technology for beverage industry also assists to compliment the growers for their satisfaction. The more a farmer earns the more commodities he can provide.

Tracefood travels with the business to create trustworthiness and more confidence in the product which increases the demand for the beverage. Shine more with your brand by joining hands with blockchain technology for beverage industry.

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