Why is Fruit Supplychain blockchain need of the day?

Why is Fruit Supplychain blockchain need of the day?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away- It is rare to find a person who has not heard this proverb. It stands as a proof to say that fruits provide us the most vital nutrients than any other intake. Fruits come as a boon to refrain us from illness. But now majority of the fruits are contaminated enough to be named as a threat to our healthy life. Sellers coat them with chemicals for improvising its appearance and artificial ripening to facilitate better market. Frequent consumption of these fruits may lead to serious health hazards in us. With Fruit Supplychain blockchain, Tracefood provides a bird’s eye view of the overall construct of the product. We help you witness every stage of the fruit processing from the tree to the table.

Fruit Industry under Threat

The latest report from World health organization says contaminated food consumption causes around 550 million people to fall ill and 230,000 die every year. With the increasing count of industries in the sector, contamination and counterfeit products also grows paralleled.

Now a days, starting from the synthetic fertilizers used the tree feeds on the chemicals grow.  Scared of poor harvest, these trees and plants are even showered with pesticides for better production.

After it yields fruits, the fruits are ripened artificially for better market. In the supermarket, we will never know what these attractive- looking fruits have gone through during storage and transport.

Every one of us would have also seen or read news about the glittering apples that shed wax when washed. According to times of India report, few farmers have accepted to add chemicals to increase the shelf life of the fruits.  Isn’t it chilling to know that our diet is almost unhealthy? With Fruit Supplychain blockchain the deceit is broken.

Blockchain in fruit Supply Chain

Implementing Blockchain in fruit Supply Chain resolves all the issues regarding fruit safety and quality in a simple and quick scan.

Fruit blockchain development- need of the day

 Blockchain for the fruit industry builds a trusted connection with all the ecosystem participants in the supply chain by gathering and storing their processing information.

From the fruit being plucked from the tree to our fork, Blockchain in fruit safety documents each and every stage involved. This recording provides us the proof of validation about the quality of the fruit we purchased. With the control and monitoring by the Blockchain for the fruit industry the consumer learns about the storage and the transportation facilities the fruit package holds.

Blockchain in fruit safety gives overall traceability of the package and creates a trustworthy relationship between the retailer and the customer. Predominantly, the transparency in the blockchain creates extra interest in the customer thus improving the demand for the product in the market. The increase in the demand benefits everyone who worked in the chain with enhanced capital.

The Blockchain in fruit Supply Chain also facilitates the consumer to compliment the farmer thus, providing him the bonus welfare of getting loans to secure a better position. Tracefood deliberately helps you to trace from the farm, track the facilities and exhibit the processing accounting for quality to gain more eyes on the product. We afford the best Fruit blockchain development services to take your business to the next step.

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