The complexities are on the rise in modern-day businesses, especially businesses in the IT sector. Such complexities can be reduced for better production efficiency ever with the help of impressive supply chain management techniques. One powerful technique that can sound strong here is the application of promising blockchain technology. Blockchain being an ever-demanding technology of […]


Perpetual facts about blockchain in general: The hype around the technological revolution has attained its peak with the evolution of a consensus technology called blockchain. It is meant primarily for online transactions. But besides, it has a lot of benefits for the industry on the go. Come! Let us explore the ideas behind it…. Being […]

How can blockchain based seafood traceability empower the industry?

Come; Let us explore how the blockchain based seafood traceability helps us improve the global seafood supply chains…… The global seafood consumers nowadays are increasingly wanted to know the mode of origin and the entire journey of seafood right from the ocean to the table before they started to buy and consume it. As the […]

Beneficial use cases of meat supply chain blockchain

Come let us explore the beneficial use cases of meat supply chain blockchain in bringing traceability! Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly brought a global economic revolution over the internet. One such fabulous cum successful currency bitcoin had put a spotlight for the evolution of a blissful technology called blockchain. Since a long time ago, the food supply […]

5 reasons why you need Blockchain in Food industry !

Blockchain in Food industry: Every product or service that a customer gets access to involves a lot of processes and there is a great deal of manpower behind it. This chain of components is what you call a supply chain. Irrespective of the nature of your business, an efficient supply chain management is mandatory to […]

How to implement blockchain in supply chain?

Supply chain comes to denote the process of taking a product or a service from the provider to the customer. The end consumers today are so eager to get to know the whereabouts of the goods they purchase be it food products, outfits or any other accessory for that matter in order to make sure […]

Blockchain Disruption with chocolate supply chain management

Blockchain being a competent technology powering the future delivers highly transparent, efficient, traceable, and secure supply chains across a variety of domains. Now, let’s have valuable insight into the innovation caused by the same on chocolate supply chain management. The majority of business operations (revenue and cost models) today rely chiefly on the supply decisions […]

Is your drink really healthy? Find it with Blockchain in health drinks!

Getting to eat nutritious foods alone can be challenging in this fast moving world. People end to just have a drink in the mornings skipping the solid meal. Here health drinks play a major role in taking up the place of snacks and caffeine in breaks for those are health conscious. Finding healthy yet appealing […]

Why Is Meat Supplychain Blockchain Going To Be The Future!

Blockchain technology is the talk of the town today chiefly because it has the matchless capacity to transform any industry into which it makes a venture. It has become the trending technology within a very short time. In the case of supplychain, blockchain implementation will provide the traceability and allow the participants in the network […]

Fruit supplychain blockchain : How it tackle problems?

Fruit supplychain blockchain : Every one of us should be happy for the green revolution happening around the world. There has been a whole lot of self sufficient and more production of food products everywhere. However with the growing food trade, the fruits supplychain face many challenges and food security problems daily. A study says that […]