Why Is Meat Supplychain Blockchain Going To Be The Future!

Blockchain technology is the talk of the town today chiefly because it has the matchless capacity to transform any industry into which it makes a venture. It has become the trending technology within a very short time. In the case of supplychain, blockchain implementation will provide the traceability and allow the participants in the network […]

Fruit supplychain blockchain : How it tackle problems?

Fruit supplychain blockchain : Every one of us should be happy for the green revolution happening around the world. There has been a whole lot of self sufficient and more production of food products everywhere. However with the growing food trade, the fruits supplychain face many challenges and food security problems daily. A study says that […]

Why do you need Blockchain in Coffee supplychain?

Coffee has been the most popular beverage of all time after its discovery. There have been many stories about its impact on our health since its invention. Some studies have found an association between drinking coffee and decreased overall mortality. But this goodness many react opposite if the quality of the coffee product varies. What […]

How can problems in the dairy supplychain be solved?

The only product that cannot be missed in every kitchen around the world in milk. We definitely have at least one diary product as a part of our daily meal. But still we never know how it actually got into our table from the milking farm passing all the processing. This traceability is possible with […]

Why blockchain technology for vegetable traceability vital?

In the recent few years, with the rise of many food processing counterfeits, unsafe food poses global health threat.  According to a report from World Health Organisation, every year almost 220 million children experience diarrhoeal diseases and 96 000 die due to food borne infections. With these food products babies, children, pregnant women, elderly and those […]

Seafood supplychain blockchain : How is incomparable?

Seafood supplychain blockchain : Aquaculture is one of the most money yielding business of all times. Just imagine the opportunities that are diluted in the water bodies which hold about two thirds of the earth’s space. There are millions of people who are depending on seafood farming for their livelihood. In these millions, it is […]

How is Beverage supply chain blockchain essential?

When the clock strikes in the morning a good cup of coffee or tea is enough to bring the cheer needed to face the whole day. For a coffee addict, the pleasure that the smell of roasted coffee beans cannot be expressed in words. Its’ inevitable attraction has brought it to the position as the […]

Why is Frozen food supply chain blockchain unavoidable?

Why is Frozen food supply chain blockchain unavoidable? Blockchain continues to spread its wings through all the sectors possible. Now it’s time to meet the next revolution in the supply chain cosmos – Frozen food supply chain blockchain.  This multi-handed channel serves several industries from engineering to food supply all at once. Specifically when it […]

Why is Dairy Supplychain blockchain the game changer?

Why is Dairy Supplychain blockchain the game changer? Blockchain in dairy industry : While every one of us has at least one milk product at home regularly, only very few are aware of the extensive string of stages that the staple product passes through to reach our hand. From milking the cows to processing and […]