How to implement blockchain in supply chain?

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Supply chain

Supply chain comes to denote the process of taking a product or a service from the provider to the customer. The end consumers today are so eager to get to know the whereabouts of the goods they purchase be it food products, outfits or any other accessory for that matter in order to make sure that they are original and authentic.

supply chain blockchain development

Though supply chain sounds simple in definition, it comes with a complex base as there is a huge workforce behind its operation. It involves the participation of various players such as farmers, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers before the fully furnished deliverables reach the consumers. Consider the making of shirts for instance. The cotton crop is grown by the farmers and is sent to the textile factory for processing. In particular, once the shirts are manufacture, they are sent to the distributors and suppliers who pass it on to the retailers and the consumers buy goods from the retailers. This vastness of the supply chain sector poses several issues  including lack of transparency, reliability and traceability.


Blockchain being the major game changer, its implementation in the supply chain sector shall solve all the problems and impart enhanced security and complete transparency to the supply chain sector. The best blockchain companies are the one-stop destination for Blockchain in supply chain management.

Any product or service goes through a chain of events before it hits the market to be purchased by the customer. Every step of the supply chain is as important as the other and any small disruption will degrade the entire process. In such a case all the manpower put in will be of no use. An efficient management of supply chain is necessary to keep the quality of the products intact until it finally reaches the consumer. For the same reason any business will be able to win the trust of the customers only by way of supplying them with world-class products and there is no shortcut for the same. With all these said, an effective management of supply chain is the need of the hour.

Problems in Supply Chain


Supply chain literally runs short of lucidity as it witnesses a series of activities carried out by its numerous stakeholders. With this bulk participation, there are increased chances for fraudulence anywhere in the chain at any given point of time.


The bulk participation of players in the supply chain also paves way for the arrival of fake or forged products. No particular party can be held responsible for such fraudulence because nobody can pinpoint the scam with a solid proof.


As far as the conventional supply chain system is concerned, there is no room for the real-time tracking of goods. Without a proper channel to track the whereabouts of the goods, products may get lost to the disappointment of the customers.

Inventory update

The traditional record keeping methods are mostly paper-dependent. Since the supply chain record maintenance happens on a manual basis, it is also susceptible to intentional or unintentional errors at large.

Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Record Maintenance

Being an immutable ledger, Blockchain aptly keeps track of the supply chain data and this data record on a Blockchain network shall never be modified meaning the supply chain records can be viewed whenever necessary. Devise the best supply chain blockchain development now with the professional assistance of a developer who is an expert in supply chain blockchain solutions.

Provenance Tracking

The history of a supply chain can be trace down at ease with blockchain power sensors and RFID labels. So, whenever there is an unforeseen discrepancy in the supply chain, the root of the problem can be identified in no time and the perfect solution shall be devised. Avail the best supply chain blockchain development to impart authenticity to the supply chain.


Blockchain keeps the quality of the products as such until they reach the end customers by way of having a constant eye for proof of ownership. This way, Blockchain implementation in any given supply chain helps in building trust between the stakeholders involved in the same. This is precisely why blockchain in supply chain happen to be more reliable than the conventional ones.

Cost reduction

Blockchain advocates P2P network where there is no interruption of third parties who are in no way connect to the supply chain. With no hidden or additional charges, the prices of goods are standardize. In short, Blockchain technology for supply chain helps the stakeholders to cut short costs as much as possible.


Blockchain comes with supreme security features and the Supply chain blockchain management data is store in a highly encrypted space making sure that the data is kept at a safer distance from the prying eyes of the hackers out there.

Benefits of Blockchain in supply chain management

Fraudulence prevention

When guarded by Blockchain, the supply chain becomes completely free of practices related to product duplicity. You can hire supply chain blockchain solutions developer to come up with fully secured Blockchain networks.

Instant issue identification

Any discrepancy in the supply chain can be identifi instantly and sorted out at the soonest with the implementation of Blockchain. Take up Blockchain technology for supply chain consulting to get to know the Blockchain better and implement it in your business model.

Enhanced record management

Supply chain record management becomes a fully-automated process with the successful incorporation of Blockchain saving a great deal of time and energy. After that, Make SCM a cakewalk with reliable Blockchain app development.

Elimination of manual errors

As the Blockchain ledger automatically keeps track of the supply chain data, there is no need for manual record maintenance meaning there shall be no trivial errors. For instance, the blockchain startups may hire an experienced blockchain developer in order to track supply chain records efficiently.

Improved vendor- consumer relationship

Above all, By way of keeping the quality of the products in the supply chain at the finest, Blockchain paves way for the betterment of vendor-consumer relationship. Get access to the best blockchain solutions and gain the trust of your customers.

Blockchain Use Cases in Supply Chain Management

Car Supply Chain

Firstly, Inbound Logistics and Smart Manufacturing with blockchain permit the car supply chain to be proficient. The coordination among multi-level providers is fundamental for the effectual working of the car supply chain. Being a blockchain development company, SHAMLA TECH comes up with unparalleled blockchain deliverables. 

Features of Blockchain


Secondly, a transaction once record on a blockchain can never be alter. Hire Blockchain Developer with SHAMLA TECH. One of the best blockchain companies in order to enjoy the benefits of blockchain app development.

No middlemen

Thirdly, blockchain works on a peer to peer base eliminating the involvement of third parties. Take the help of trusted blockchain solution providers for reliable blockchain development.

Rapid transaction

Fourthly, Transactions on a blockchain are much quicker than the traditional methods. Top Blockchain solution providers come up one in while with high performance blockchain deliverables to manage supply chain networks.


Most importantly, supply chain transactions are given highly reliable protection with blockchain incorporation. In any case avail our blockchain consulting services. In the same way now to take your Blockchain project to the next level.


Finally, all the members of the supply chain blockchain witness the changes done to it which makes Blockchain logistics the most sought after one in the logistics and supply chain sphere.


In this paragraph, supply chain transactions become all the more lucid with blockchain increasing the reliability of the participants. Similarly, make use of professional blockchain development services to build dependable Blockchain networks.

How to implement blockchain?

  • Determine the use case
  • Participants Cooperation
  • Data to be add
  • Data interoperability
  • AI integration
  • Experiment

Determine the use case

Check out how useful the technology will be for your company.

Participants Cooperation 

Using blockchain in the supply chain is a collaborative effort that involves all the participants data contributions, entry and sharing.

Data to be added

However, determine what all data to be add in the blockchain and figure out the private details and special ingredients that are to be avoid.

Data interoperability

To get the most outcomes from blockchain, the technology must be well integrate into the current ERP technology that allows easy traceability.

AI integration

From time to time the integration of artificial intelligence with blockchain allows automatic tracing and manipulation free data entry. In brief this cuts off additional man power and faster data collection.


Therefore, test the technology once for all. This will identify the benefits and helps to work on the areas where the technology has to be alter or made better.

In Conclusion, as a Blockchain Development Company, we provide extensive supply chain blockchain development services at Tracefood to help you reach your customers at a faster pace and serve them better thereby boosting the credibility of your business.

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