How can problems in the dairy supplychain be solved?

The only product that cannot be missed in every kitchen around the world in milk. We definitely have at least one diary product as a part of our daily meal. But still we never know how it actually got into our table from the milking farm passing all the processing. This traceability is possible with dairy supplychain Blockchain. Let’s have an insight on it.

The milk supplychain passes through various problems in the journey. Normally in a dairy farm, the milk from the cows passes through pipes to the tank. There the milk is stored in a threshold temperature. In the processing stage they do the quality testing and reject the failed milk.

The milk is homogenized, pasteurized and packed and reaches the supermarket shelf almost after 2 days. Dairy products such as butter, cheese and ghee takes still more time to reach the supermarket shelf. So this long processing definitely questions the freshness of the milk.

Dairy products are often transported in trucks but if these transportations do not process the refrigeration temperature and clean sanitation measures there are chances for the packages to get spoiled and wasted. These products are prone to preservatives also to make them stay fresh for a longer period.

In the case of milk collection from cattle growers, the threats increases. We never know what the cattle feeds with and the health conditions of the cows. There are incidents of the cows being fed with drugs along with the fodder to increase the milking. But this process affects the health of the cattle in long run.

Dairy supplychain Blockchain

To bid farewell to these kinds of problems, Blockchain stands as a sole solution. The ledger technology stores the data that is fed into the system chronologically in the name of blocks. The technology documents each and every phase in the processing of the dairy products from the cattle to the table with complete transparency providing utmost trustworthyness. In this decentralised, the data stored becomes immutable and credible. The timestamps in the blockchain proves the freshness of the products.

Blockchain allows any user to check the overall data about the product from the origin to the market shelf in a simple scan thus providing the best quality and safety of the food product.

Tracefood provides you complete dairy supplychain blockchain solutions bring out the best possible product. Our customisable solutions from industry experts present end to end transparency that creates interest in the customer and apparently leading to more demand.

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