Fruit Supply Chain : How it tackle problems?

Fruit Supply Chain : Every one of us should be happy for the green revolution happening around the world. There has been a whole lot of self sufficient and more production of food products everywhere. However with the growing food trade, the fruits supply chain face many challenges and food security problems daily.

A study says that approximately 11% of the mangoes and a massive 90% of tomatoes are getting wasted. Moreover, this results in low trade in the fruit supply chain. The study also focused on the need for whole production management, quality certifications and strategies for development of the fruit trade.

With the low infrastructure, underdeveloped storage and transportation facilities the agriculture often reaches low productivity. These supply chain problems results in food wastage and spoilage. These post harvest losses result in high production cost but no profit.

The report said that the trade increases with the technological interventions for productivity improvement, wastage reduction through efficient supply chain management and providing the utmost quality to the product.

Fruit supply chain blockchain : Food quality and safety

Use of pesticides

The quality of the food product is the first thing the urge the consumer to buy it. Example, incidents of fruits sprayed or coated with pesticides to save them from the insects that spoil them. But these artificial chemical cause a great impact on the heath of the people when consumed.

Fertilizer threat

Fruits are also grown under the influence of ammonium mixed fertilizers which reduces the nutrition content in them. These threats have brought the trend of organic fruits that work on soil friendly and degradable natural fertilisers and pesticides.

But how can we prove that the product is actually healthy and organic?

Fruit supply chain Blockchain

How is Blockchain unique?

There are many new technologies getting into the fruit supply chain industry. But the data storage measures and tracking facility does not provide 100% assurance. Here the information is vulnerable at any phase. The introduction of Blockchain in the fruit industry has paved the way for decentralized ledger technology unlike the other technologies. Above all, this makes it completely immutable.

How is it trustworthy?

Blockchain stores the data from the origin to the retailer in the chronological order in the form of blocks. The details become immutable with the decentralized nature in contrast to manual recording. This nature of the Fruit supply chain Blockchain brings the trustworthy information of the supply chain from the farm to the table with complete transparency.

Track your food

The transparency in the blockchain in the fruit industry gives easy traceability thus ensuring great quality and allows easy management. This quality assurance by Fruit supply chain Blockchain creates interest in the people subsequently leading to high demand. Tracefood gives you end to end food traceability solutions by setting up fruit supply chain blockchain. Our Expert developers get you customizable solutions for blockchain in the fruit industry that are best suited for your business. Choose your own track to bring the industry leading results.

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