Why Is Meat Supply Chain Going To Be The Future!

The perishable nature of meat and the number of processes it must go through, the meat industry has a highly complex meat supply chain.

Blockchain technology is the talk of the town today chiefly because it has the matchless capacity to transform any industry into which it makes a venture. It has become the trending technology within a very short time. In the case of supply chain, blockchain implementation will provide the traceability. Also its allow the participants in the network to view the overall process at ease. The major issue lack of traceability has brought in the concept of meat supply chain management.

Meat Supplychain Blockchain
Meat Supply chain Blockchain

Need for supply chain management

Each phase of the supply chain is as critical as the other and any little interruption will corrupt the whole procedure. In such a case, all the labor put in will be of no use. Hence, an effectual execution of supply chain is mandatory.

What are the Problems in Supply Chain?


Supply chain runs short of transparency as it involves a series of processes. So, there is enough space for duplicity in the chain. There are also cases of broiler being fed with large amount of antibiotics for the fluffy look and huge size. Consumption of these chickens may result in the consumer being resistant o these drugs and result in various diseases.


Replacing the products in a supply chain with fake ones increases with the involvement of numerous stakeholders. Nobody will know about the fraudulence and who carries it out. In some incidents pork and horses are also mixed with the meat that is left unnoticed in many cases.


There are more chances for the product to get lost or spoiled before the corresponding package reaches the customer in the absence of an authentic tracking system. For instance, Consumption of improperly cooked pork or even unhealthy meat results in brain fever. This threat made many in the western countries avoid pork as they don’t know where the flesh has come from.

Record update

It is hard to update the records in a supply chain as the documenting process depends on the extent of manual efforts put in for the same. In other words, There are chances of the records being manipulated or altered.

Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain

Blockchain solutions in the food supply chain resolve many serious and prevailing problems in the industry like data collection, transparency and high taxation.  Expert companies like Tracefood help you streamline the supply chain for the easy and secured management.


Meat supply chain blockchain provides fullest security to the supply chain data. The details about the meat are stored in the blockchain in the form of blocks. In each phase, these blocks collects the data and stores them in the chronological order proving the overall journey from the cattle to the plate.

Data Tracking

With the authentic sensors and RFID labels powered by Blockchain tracking the products in the supply chain down their origin is not really a big deal. Blockchain In Pork Industry and Blockchain Technology For Beef provide the complete data helping the consumer. the supply cahin avoid the fraudulent activities and escape from counterfeit products.


Implementation of Blockchain for Meat industry helps the vendors to gain the trust of the customers. as much as the blockchain keeps the data consistent and valid. In Blockchain Technology for Beef, Blockchain in Pork Industry and Blockchain in Meat the data storage in decentralized. Which is allowing all the participants in the supply chain to view the ledger from the origin to the end. In addition, this allows quality enhancement and transparency in the supply chain which ensures trust within the supply chain also.

Cost effectiveness

Because the participants can see the processing and selling, they get to know the actual profit everyone is getting avoiding the situation of getting cheated. In supply chain, blockchain takes away the interference of middlemen. Likewise, this shall curtail the extra expenses to a much greater extent.


The complex base of the Blockchain extends complete protection with encryption to the supply chain data involved. In conclusion, the technology provides the data transparency for anyone to know the journey of the food products which enhances the customer trust. Above all, a leading Blockchain development companies provide customizable solutions so that your special ingredients and private details are not exhibited to the unauthorized participants.

Therefore Blockchain stands as a sole solution for all your supply chain management issues. In other words, commission reduction and particularly quality enhancement for the best trade.

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