Beneficial use cases of meat supply chain blockchain

Come let us explore the beneficial use cases of meat supply chain blockchain in bringing traceability!

Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly brought a global economic revolution over the internet. One such fabulous cum successful currency bitcoin had put a spotlight for the evolution of a blissful technology called blockchain.

meat supply chain blockchain
Meat Supply chain blockchain

Since a long time ago, the food supply chain industry has been facing numerous issues in relation to bringing trust, transparency, and traceability, and so on. To address this, a wide range of technologies have also been introduced consistently in the supply chain market.

But, nothing serves as a proven technology that can bring some challenging revolutions in the food supply chains except blockchain as of now.

Trust is one of the prime factors that ruin the production and supply phases the most. But a majority of the supply chain systems now are found to experience the distrust among its consumers. Blockchain comes as a gift for such supply chains to meet the demands raised from the consumers’ side in no time.

Thus blockchain has revealed that it is an eminent technology which is perfectly up to the mark in the maintenance of food supply chains.

Indeed as an evident, blockchain applications have showed their provenance in the food supply chain sector by extensively helping the stakeholders regain the trust among the consumers over the recent years.

How blockchain works for the food industry?

In a complex supply chain, it is actually impossible to hack the information exactly at each and every network node since the overall transactions cannot be stored in one location. Yet, blockchain has made it possible and it has the potential to make a difference!

Yes, of course, blockchain ensures 100% transparency at all innovative levels of a tedious supply chain and can make us track the recorded information at any point with the series of blocks in its ledger application.

By the way, blockchain technologies let the food supply chain contributors store and share the vital data/information across the overall network with ease. This in turn makes everyone in the supply chain aware of the overall transaction details in real-time, thereby enhancing the traceability and transparency and ensuring the food safety.

From a retailer’s point of view, blockchain works by making him aware of his supplier details and the associated dealings with no concerns.

Blockchain – a primer for today’s meat supply chains:

Blockchain has the key to innovate a new age or era in the global food business space. As the present meat supply chain industry practices are much more vulnerable to errors, fraudulence, data inaccuracies, corruption and hacking issues, the stakeholders find it hard to comply themselves with the necessary business standards.

Here is where the blockchain comes as an one-stop solution that facilitates transparent data-sharing strategies among the disparate supply chain participants.

It too helps us connect a diverse community of producers, distributors, and suppliers and these are the chief reasons why blockchain needs to be induced in the food especially meat supply chains.

Blockchain provenance actually speaks in those cases, where the food giants like Nestle, and Walmart adopted blockchain pilot technology projects for their global brands.

From a recent study, it has been clear that blockchain could be able to drive the global food trading rates toward 1 trillion US Dollars in the next few years with no doubt.

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