How can blockchain based seafood traceability empower the industry?

Come; Let us explore how the blockchain based seafood traceability helps us improve the global seafood supply chains…… The global seafood consumers nowadays are increasingly wanted to know the mode of origin and the entire journey of seafood right from the ocean to the table before they started to buy and consume it. As the […]

5 reasons why you need Blockchain in Food industry !

Blockchain in Food industry: Every product or service that a customer gets access to involves a lot of processes and there is a great deal of manpower behind it. This chain of components is what you call a supply chain. Irrespective of the nature of your business, an efficient supply chain management is mandatory to […]

Seafood supplychain blockchain : How is incomparable?

Seafood supplychain blockchain : Aquaculture is one of the most money yielding business of all times. Just imagine the opportunities that are diluted in the water bodies which hold about two thirds of the earth’s space. There are millions of people who are depending on seafood farming for their livelihood. In these millions, it is […]