Is Supply Chain Management the Same as Logistics?

Supply chain management and logistics are sometimes used synonymously. Some claim that there is no distinction between the two concepts and that supply chain management is the “new” logistics. Logistics Logistics management is the management process that incorporates the flow of capital, information, services, and goods from the procurement of raw materials till they reach […]


WHAT IS A SUPPLY CHAIN? A supply chain is a network of individuals and businesses involved in the creation and delivery of a product to the consumer. The chain starts with the raw material producers and ends when the van delivers the finished product to the end user. A supply chain is made up of […]

Impacts and Benefits of Blockchain in Food Supply Chain

Blockchain in food supply chain Blockchain in food supply chain helps to improve food safety by making the operations more traceable, transparent, immutable, auditable, and decentralized.  It is a public digital ledger that stores the same data across various systems and enables all users to access them. Every industry starts to incorporate the emerging technology […]

How Blockchain will revamp the Food Supply Chain

Blockchain is hastily revolutionizing many industries, as technology advances, it started to set the foot in the food supply chain sector. Blockchain is a decentralized public ledger that stores data on various nodes which can be accessed by all users. Which is hastily revolutionizing many industries, as technology advances, it started to set the foot […]

Seafood supplychain blockchain : How is incomparable?

Seafood supplychain blockchain : Aquaculture is one of the most money yielding business of all times. Just imagine the opportunities that are diluted in the water bodies which hold about two thirds of the earth’s space. There are millions of people who are depending on seafood farming for their livelihood. In these millions, it is […]

Tech firm launches TraceFood

New digital traceability system TraceFood promises to transform the produce sector, its developers say Digital technology company Shamla Tech has developed a new blockchain traceability solution tailored to needs of the global fresh fruit industry. TraceFood, which Shamla Tech launched in May, is a “game-changer” for the fresh produce sector, a company spokesman told Fruitnet. “Our […]